Prom & Custom Spray Tans 

April 6, 2019

Yva Miller @ Soleil Sunless Tans 

Prom Season is officially here! YAY!

So you have your plans, friends, dress, shoes, jewelry... yay!

BUT what about an organic Soleil Sunless Custom Spray Tan???

So... preparation is KEY!

1. Get a manicure and pedicure 3-5 days  before your event!

2. Schedule your hair and makeup for the day of Prom

3. Book your Soleil Sunless Tan 1-2 days before PROM or a rapid tan super early the morning of your event! 

Why a professionally applied custom spray tan???

-Achieve an EVEN and DESIRED SHADE of color

-No orange hands or palms

-Flawless color and application 

-No streaks up and down the legs and arms 

-No super brown elbows, knees or ankles

-No yucky smell

-No leopard spots