Post Spray Tan Care

June 7, 2019

By Yva Miller @ Soleil Sunless Tans

Once you've gotten that amazing Soleil Sunless Tan, you must remember the post care steps and tips!

Proper care prolongs the life of the tan and helps it fade even and naturally!  

1. Rinse Time

Your spray tan artist must give a rinse time.

 This time depends on the type of solution used, your skin tone, and the color you want to achieve. 

If you rinse too early, the tan will be too light and won't last as long.  If you wait too long, the solution may over process and you could become TOO DARK or ORANGE. 

2. The Shower Rinse 

Once you've reached you rinse time, it's time to hop in the shower.  Rinse with warm water only.  Hot water will strip the tan. 

Fully rinse each body part.  Do not shave, use a loofah /sponge, or scrub the skin. 

You may lightly wash the "hot spots."  

When you dry, pat each body part with the towel.  Do not rub your skin to get it dry. 

Apply lotion to your entire body. Use a lotion that is natural and creamy.  I recommend Ceta-Phil, Cera-Ve,  and Jergens.

3, Maintain your tan

If possible, take shorter showers and avoid taking baths.  When shaving, use a new razor and all natural shaving cream. 

Avoid hot tubs and saunas, as this causes your skin to exfoliate faster. 

Moisturize your skin two times a day.