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August 21, 2018

Spray Tanning- What do I wear? 

Basic guidelines are to wear loose, dark clothing and NO SOCKS! 

Prep for the BEST!

Loose, dark and protective! 

-Loose so you are not rubbing lines into your fresh tan.

-Dark so the initial bronzer does not rub off on your attire.
-Protective to keep your tan safe in case of rain!


-Jewelry & Watches: These can create rub lines into your fresh tan and also get tanning solution on your jewelry and watches.

-Leggings: The pant is tight, they rub, they have seams that rub, they have tight waist bands that rub. NO RUBBING! 

-Bras: Any type of bra is NO! Bras cause rubbing\, which causes lines on your tan! 

-Fitted Bottoms: Any bottom that is hard to pull up or causes you to drag your thumbs up the side of your leg while you are putting them on will create a line on your leg. 

-Shorts: Make sure your loges are protected and don’t stick to your car seats causing the back of your leg to be blotchy and getting spray tan solution on your car seats.

-Fitted Tops: No tops causing a tight rub or touch over your face, shoulders, abs, arms, and wrists. 

Bottom Line- As your spray tan artist, I DO NOT want you to put on any article of clothing that may rub your tan for the first 6-8 hours!  

I provide ample time for drying and the use of post-tanning powder to further help the post-tan drying process!