Feeling Comfortable 

February 26, 2019

By: Yva Miller, Owner @ Soleil Sunless Tans 

Being a porcelain beauty myself, achieving a natural spray tan color has ALWAYS been a challenge!

I've risked my health and fried my skin in a tanning bed and been hosed down by the "Cheeto" orange solution in the automated booths!  I have tried it all to achieve a natural and safe tan.  The best result has always come from a trained spray tan artist.

That being said, getting a custom spray tan can be a SCARY or intimidating.

In my mind I'm thinking, "So, I have to be in my bikini or naked in front of a stranger? For like 25-60 minutes?  The person is looking at my every curve and imperfection, to get me tan??? Oh, hell no!"  Then I had a great spray tan experience and all the worry and nerves disappeared. 

 My former spray tan artist was awesome! She is a mother, entrepreneur, woman with her own struggles, a visionary, a kind person who gave an amazing spray tan!  When she retired I was so disappointed and never found someone as talented, kind and friendly as her.  She is one of my inspirations in how I run my spray tanning business today!   

My clients will receive a custom, flawless, safe spray tan and FEEL COMFORTABLE AND HAVE FUN! 

I know how important it is for clients to feel at ease when getting sprayed.  I''ve been spray tanned before kids, during pregnancy, right after (stretched and puffy), super in shape, during a down depression, etc...The environment and relationship with the spray tan artist made a HUGE difference in the experience  and how likely I was to return for another tan. 

As a result, I know that my work has to be above industry standards but I also know my clients have to feel comfortable and trust me before, during and after their spray tan. 

When I meet a new client or if I'm seeing her for the tenth time, I strive to listen, connect and correct according to my clients' needs and desires.  I also need to know them on a level they're comfortable with.

Certainly, this is a service, but in service, my clients must feel comfortable and confident in their spray tan!

I walk each client through the entire process and explain what I am doing and why I am doing it! I may also share some funny tidbits about my silly life and you may want to share some of yours.  Overall, I'm focused on giving each client the tan he or she wants and making each person comfortable. 

If you've ever had a horrible spray tan or felt weird during the process, please consider getting a Soleil Sunless Spray Tan!

I ask that you trust me with this personal beauty service! I am here to make you comfortable, hear your needs and provide a high end organic luxury spray tan service!  I promise you will be happy, or I'll give you your money back or make it right for you! 

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