Family Photos GLOW with a Spray Tan

September 30, 2018

By: Yva Miller 

Family photo season has arrived!

You know you're searching for a great location, outfit and make-up ideas! 

Please let me share the little red carpet secret that celebrities, models and makeup artists use for special events. The secret that creates those flawless pictures where the eyes seem to POP and the teeth are so white.  The secret before hair and makeup...


Yes, the spray tan needs to be custom and professionally applied!

When you are prepping and paying for professional photographs, you need to get the perfect color for you!  NOT a vacation tan, where you look like you just got back from the beach!  Your tan needs to be a somewhat noticeable, a subtle glow, to bring out your features and brighten your natural beauty!  You will not achieve this from an automated spray tan booth! Remember Ross from that Friends episode? No!!!!!!!!

A professionally applied airbrush tan will...

1. Even out your skin tone,

2. Brighten your complexion

3. Make your teeth appear whiter

4. Make your eye color POP

5. Enhance the color contrast of your outfit

Please trust me!  Whether you have a very fair skin tone or have a medium-olive complexion,  a perfectly matched spray tan will certainly make a difference when your makeup is applied and it's photoshoot time!

Remember! Book 2 days prior to the photo shoot!

I promise, it will enhance your appearance for the family photo shoot! 

Book with Yva at 303-619-5917!