Benefits of an Organic Spray Tan 

March 27, 2019

By Yva Miller, Soleil Sunless Tans 

There's NO denying it, we all love that perfect tanned glow!

The reality is most of us don't have the time to bask in the sun AND having a professional spray all those hard to reach places makes all the difference! 

So what are some more benefits of an organic tan from Soleil Sunless? 

1. No UV Damage!

This benefit is the primary reason of sunless tanning! 

According to, an estimated 7,230 people will die of melanoma in 2019. Of those, 4,740 will be men and 2,490 will be women!

With the evolution of spray tanning, we can all achieve getting a gorgeous, dark tan without the risk of burning, wrinkles, sun spots and increasing our risk of skin cancer. 

2. Custom Color & Application

Sure, you can buy the can at a drug store or go to an automated booth, BUT you CAN'T choose your specific color, shade and application!

A Soleil Sunless Tan is the exact opposite!

We provide a brief consultation regarding your skin tone, how long you want tor process, why you are tanning and what type of tan you want!

A wedding? We recommend a lighter, more golden tan!

A vacation on a time crunch? You need something else!

Super fair skin? Well, we have a special formula to ensure you are naturally golden, not oddly orange or way too dark!

We will also customize your application! Lets even out those tan lines, make sure your legs are dark enough and your hands don't have orange prints! 

3. Immediate Tan in less that 4 hours! 

Soleil Sunless Tans exclusively uses organic and rapid sunless tanning solutions. 

You can achieve a full body, flawless tan in less that 20 minutes, shower a few hours later and be a bronzed goddess! 

No Sun. No Time, No Orange!

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